Monday, August 24, 2009

Kim Jong Il calls to hold the two Korea Summit

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il said he wants to meet with South Korean President Lee Mjung-grandmother, told South Korean media today.

Kimov Envoy is the proposal presented yesterday at a meeting with South Korean President. Li Mjung-bak said the summit could be held provided that it is talking about the nuclear program of North Korea, South Korean daily wrote today Čosun ilbo.

Another leading South Korean newspaper, Džungang ilbo, published a similar report.

Office of the President of South Korea, however, denied this, stating that Lee and North Korean envoy discuss improving relations between the two countries in general and that there was no word on the summit.

Li said that severnokorejskoj delegation is ready to help the northern neighbor to rebuild the economy and asked to convey to Kim Jong-Ilu, writes Čosun ilbo. He said that South Korea does not want to experience the collapse of North Korea.

Li Mjung-bak, who is known for sharp attitude toward Pyongyang, yesterday for the first time met with representatives of North Korea since coming to power in February 2008. year.

Four-North Korean delegation, led by senior National Party official Kim Ki Nam, arrived Friday in Seoul that the email praised the former president of South Korea Kim Dae-jungle. The delegation ended a visit yesterday.

Visit the North Korean delegation to show signs of warming relations between the two countries that have deteriorated since coming to power, Li Mjung-grandmother.

Tensions have been deepened because the North Korean nuclear probe 25th May they odusile UN, and the announcement from Pyongyang that the armistice 1953rd years that ended the Korean War is not considered more binding.

North Korea, however, in recent weeks significantly softened his attitude toward South Korea.

Pyongyang released južnokorejskog workers who had been in detention for three months, agreed to the abolition of restrictions on crossing the border and pledged to continue joint projects and connect families separated during the Korean War, since 1950. until 1953. year.

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