Monday, August 24, 2009

The fire on Mount Hum, Mostar firefighters on strike

The Hum hill above Mostar city bus through the village of Donja Mahala on Sunday a fire broke out, which is due Speed expands to the south and west.

Firefighting teams units in Mostar, which is striking, yet came to the scene because it is a mined area, but will highlight how, to intervene if the fire closer to home and thereby endanger human lives and property of citizens, the media appear. If the fire reaches the high trees and pine trees in danger could be residents of the settlement and Podhum Zahum.

For locations and Gubavica Elezovine in the municipality of Mostar, the fire is under control. The fire threatened and homes, so they intervened and Mostar firefighters.
In Herzegovina on Sunday recorded a few more where the fire burned low vegetation.
Mostar firemen were on strike since March, demanding compensation for night and overtime and for work during the holidays. They are looking for and payment of hot meals at the city budget and user fee for jubilee awards.

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