Monday, August 24, 2009

Fidel Castro in "apparent good" health

Photo of Castro, which occupies most of the front page newspaper "Juventud Rebelde, shows the former leader in good physical form, odevenog in a white shirt, talking with Korea, told the Reuters.
Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban revolution in 1959, the last three years removed from the public eye, and 2008th is transferred, for health reasons, the presidential office to younger brother Raul Castro. Various photos Fidel Castro, on which is shown in conversation with šefovina States and other visitors, were published last month outside the country and on the Internet, whose use strictly prohibited in Cuba.
The photo you published today, "Juventud Rebelde" is the first by a Cuban newspaper reported the 17 February, when Fidel Castro meets with Chilean president Michelle Basle. In the short accompanying text says that the Castro and Korea, which in Cuba is in a private visit, discussed on Friday a few hours, mainly on developments in their countries, Latin America and the world.
Media allegations that the health condition of Fidel Castro significantly improved in recent months, and to Raul Castro on a daily basis consult with him on all important national issues. According to the testimony of reviews, Fidel Castro lives with his wife in a house in a suburb of Havana in which he has little gymnastic hall and swimming pool.

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