Monday, August 24, 2009

Fiat wins Chinese market

After the historic alliance with the American automotive company, "Chrysler", made another Fiat dream: winning the Chinese market.

After two unsuccessful agreement with Chinese industries, "Nanjing Automobile Corp.. And Chery Automobile Co., the Italian automobile house has signed a contract worth 400 million euros to the Chinese company" Guangzhou Automobile Group Co..

Agreement Fiat goal is to make 2011th in the Chinese factory, "Changsha" produce 140,000 cars and 200,000 engines. China is the most important market for the Turin automobile company bearing in mind that this country, according to many experts, there are real opportunities in the next few decades to become the world's leading economic powers.

Another important step for the Italian automotive industry and the economic conquest of South American market: so will the new Fiat 500, "as transmitted" Wall Street džornal, produce precisely the factory "Toluca" in Mexico.

Features Mexican market is absolutely the economic nature than cheap labor, thanks to the agreement on free exchange between Mexico and Brazil (the country where Fiat quite strong) for export to the countries of South America "Fiat 500", produced in the Mexican factory, not would have to pay customs duties.

In the aforementioned factory for now produce models džorni Dodge "and" Cruiser ", while production of" Fiat 500 "has not yet confirmed with certainty.

According to many it is the first important test novosklopljene alliance between Fiat and Chrysler. Factory "Toluca" a very wise choice bearing in mind that, thanks to the popularity of Italian brands, Fiat can easily sell their models in South America, and "Chrysler" is also known brand among the local population. "Chrysler", on the other hand, does not believe that earned more production, "Fiat 500" in the U.S..

The decision to manufacture abroad, not even hampers the U.S. government, which strongly supported the agreement with Fiat. Department of the U.S. government responsible for the automotive industry is also committed to not affect future operations and potential economic arrangements "Chrysler and General Motors."

But American unions are not satisfied with the decision to the account of American workers helping the Mexican workforce. So it is not excluded any possibility of production of "Fiat 500" just in American factories "welded" in Michigan, or "Belvidere" in Illinois. David Cole, chairman of the Center for automotive research, said on this occasion: "Bearing in mind the problem of employment in the U.S. decision on production in Mexico could lead to political disputes. However, it would be wrong to take the emotion instead of the correct and logical industrial grades. "

The new team of Sergio Markjonea for only two months of managing the American automotive industry is now facing only sympathy, transmitted Wall Street džornal.

Detroit is officially begun production and new models, Fiat drive. The sympathy of encounters and the way Markjone choose their associates: many employees from the lowest position they have the opportunity to become the new managers.

In the U.S., the biggest headache for now Markjoneu are still Italian trade unions: the factory workers' terms Imereze "threaten the Italian automotive company huge lawsuit in September and require a new meeting with the government to discuss the future of the Italian factory.

In Turin, many wonder about the fate of other "Fiat" plant in Italy. "We really satisfied with all new moves Markjonea in America, but we'll be even happier when we showed a development plan starting with the Italian factory factory in Turin," said Giorgio Airaudo, a representative of the main unions Fiomo in Turin.

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