Saturday, August 15, 2009

Russian truck kidnapped for secret stuff

Truck "Arctic si", which is miosteriozno disappeared at the end of last month, yesterday, was observed at about 400 nautical miles from Zelenortskih island, near the western coast of Africa.

Mikhail Vojtenko, the specialist for maritime transport, says that the truck conveying secret burden that caused the ship to the kidnapping of 15-member Russian crew. He says that the ship in the Russian port of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea probably received secret burden before from Finland went to Algeria to transferred about one million dollars worth lumber.

"The only logical explanation for me is that the ship in secret utovareno about what we do not know. We can not forget that the truck before loading in Finland two weeks was docked in Kaliningrad, "said Vojtenko, maritime newsletter editor" Sovfraht.

Zagonetni disappearance truck "Arctic you" yesterday and commented Sergey Portenko sailors from the Russian trade unions, which is sure that the authorities know where the long boat.
"The space can be everything, every mobile phone sends signals, and catch the satellites. Thus, a large ship can not remain unnoticed, "says Portenko and added that" no one is transported narcotics from the north to the south. "
Interpol has released the 24th ship July in the waters claimed by the Swedish men dressed in police uniforms. The attackers were allegedly 12 hours to keep the boat, and then are gone.

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