Monday, August 24, 2009

More than 100 Shiite rebels killed in Yemen

Yemeni forces announced that in today's conflicts in the north killed more than 100 Shiite rebels, two days after the state government called for a ceasefire, while the rebels are denying allegations about the number of victims.

According to a statement government bodies belong Huti rebels, and killed, including two leaders of Mohsen al-Hadi Saleh and KAUD Jarman, probably perished in the attempt to escape the fierce fighting in the city of Sufjan, in the northwestern province of Amran, reported Reuters. However, rebel spokesman Mohammed Abd al-Salam said that the balance which the government says excessive, while the death of the two leaders were not comments. Government forces in the north of 11th August launched a major offensive, with air strikes, tanks and artillery to combat the rebellion Abdullah-Malik al-Hutija, leader of rebels who were after him and got the name.
U.S. Embassy in Sani has issued a statement in which both the calling to return to a ceasefire agreement last year to allow bezbenost humanitarian workers and assistance for the camps for internally displaced persons. UN Fund for Children and Youth (UNICEF) said on Friday that their homes in Yemen, due to increased conflict government forces and Shiite rebels have left over 100,000 people, including many children.
Yemen is a poor country in southern Arabian Peninsula, with about 23 million people, mostly Sunni Muslims, in which the water fight with the rebels in the mountainous areas in the north, on the border with Saudi Arabia, as well as extremists from the al-Qaeda and the separatists in the south .

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