Monday, August 24, 2009

Execution to information

WASHINGTON - The tests for suspected terrorist activities, U.S. Central Intelligence Service used the simulated executions and threats of execution, according to a report of this service.
Recalling the statements of U.S. officials knowledgeable with the content of this document, the two leading American newspapers - New York Times and Washington Post - write to these tactics used during testing Abd al-Rahim al-Naširija, who are prison guards, to get information, threatened guns and electric drills.
Nasir is associated with the attack on the U.S. destroyer "Cole" jemenskoj the port of Aden in 2000, and was arrested in November 2002. The secret CIA prison service spent four years and is one of three leaders of Al Qaeda who was subject to so-called simulated drowning. Tests Naširija and another prisoner of services were recorded on video tapes that were destroyed 2005th
The internal report, which is 2004th The CIA inspector general concluded Heldžerson John, and says that CIA agents during the investigation of the other prisoners used the simulated executions.
In the adjacent room, namely, shot from a firearm in order to investigated thought that the other inmate was killed. This report from June estimates of the Ministry of Justice lawyers and the CIA in order to determine which part can disclose, while a U.S. federal judge in New York ordered the redigovana today published its version in response to the action non-governmental organization American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU).
The official investigation into the abuse in CIA prisons service is not running.

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