Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bomber from Lokerbi withdraws appeal

The only convicted for the bombings of the aircraft above škotskog place Lokerbi, Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi, he will appeal the verdict to be transferred to a Libyan prison, said that his lawyers

Withdrawal of the appeal will be removed the last obstacle to his possible transfer to gender Libya, but will be disappointed his supporters that they release the innocent. Al-Megrahi, a former member of Libyan intelligence services, doživtnu sentenced to imprisonment for bombaškog attack on passenger aircraft of the U.S. Pan-Am in 1988. in which 270 people died. It was najsmrtonosniji terrorist attack in the UK.

Arrested in 1991. and was in home detention in Libya until 1998. not to the UK. Convicted in 2001. the special Scottish court located in the Netherlands. Al-Megrahijev lawyer Toni Kelly said that his client, mortally ill from prostate cancer, filed documents to withdraw the appeal because the disease is worsening.

British media this week was told not citing sources that the al-Megrahiju remaining few months of life and to humanitarian reasons will be released early from prison škotskog. Scotland stated that the government has not yet decided on the early release, stating that the razmtara and the possibility that al-Megrahi sentenced odsluži in prison in Libya.

Al-Megrahi was earlier this year said that he has to appeal the verdict before the ramatrano his transfer to a prison in Libya, because it can not come if during the official proceedings. complaint may not be withdrawn from release for humanitarian reasons. Some relatives of the victims of unhappy Lokerbija have reacted to the possibility that al-Megrahi to be released earlier, some of them do not believe that al-Megrahi podmetnuo bomb. His lawyers are said to attack result palestinskog plan, which was financed by Iran. Libyan government in May has filed a request to transfer al-Megrahi in prison in the country, and the al-Megrahi was in July sought release from humanitarian reasons, stating that the stricken mortally.

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