Saturday, August 15, 2009

Georgia and Ukraine eyesore Moscow

Relations of Moscow and Kiev, who in January caused the interruption of gas opskrbe and zamrznuli Europe, again zaoštravaju. Anniversary of the end of Georgian-Russian war, the Kremlin has accused Ukraine of military support to Georgia. Moscow is sending a new odgodila VELEPOSLANIKOVA in Ukraine

Prozapadni leaders of Georgia and Ukraine thorn in the eye to Moscow. Odmjeravajući forces with NATO, Russia is the last war with Georgia clearly showed how not intends to opt out of its traditional sphere of influence. Ukrainian President Viktor Juščenko often irritating Kremlin and the requirements of the Russian Black Sea fleet to leave its base in the Ukrainian Crimea.

Official Kiev antirusku took the position in the Georgian attack on the Southern feel. The killing of Ukrainian rifle feel. The Ukrainian leadership is negotiating with Europe on the delivery of gas bypassing Russia, Nonetheless our agreement. I have therefore decided not to send VELEPOSLANIKOVA in Ukraine, said Russian President Dmitrij Medvedev.

Ukraine wants to continue a constructive dialogue on all key issues based on mutual prihvaćanju. Interests of two friendly nations are certainly more important than trenutačne political crisis and I hope that the Russian president to answer my call to be constructive, said Juščenko.

Same time, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday, exactly on the anniversary the end of the war with Georgia, suddenly visited odmetnutu Georgian province Abhaziju, which promised military assistance worth half a billion dollars. Prvorođene babies in the maternity hospital Abkhazian twins are called Vladimir and Dmitirij.

Putin and Medvedev on Thursday at the Social, in a bar, watch football match Russia-Argentina. Russia will, although it is lost, its force will continue to show on other fronts. This will Crnomorsko resort, just south of the Caucasus burnog for five years to host the winter Olympic games.

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