Monday, August 24, 2009

The hosts of tomato angry tourists

We are not satisfied with the tourist season. And in Neum feel the consequences of global crisis, and the present crisis and the local level. In the high season was filled only about 60 percent of capacity neumskih hotels - says Andrew Kresic, director of the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva county.
Less and guests in private accommodation. However, tourists in Neum is available about 12,000 beds.
- We have a problem with the capacity of the beach, and there are announcements to the beach concession could take the local hotels - Kresic said. Some restaurant owners neumskih recognize them more annoying than a bad season, as they say, tomatoes impermissible behavior of tourists, who bring with them food, and on the beaches of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- All you need to bring the sea home, eat on the beach and create a mess, and we do not have any of them used. Guests who are resting here a miracle can not be načuditi when they see how these people behave. Many sleep in cars, on beaches and parking lots. Take place in about 80 percent of the beach, and hotel guests often have no place chairs - says the owner of the restaurant in Neum who insisted on anonymity. The trouble with so-called. weekend away points and Andrew Kresic.
- People bring a pie home and then eat on the beach. This is a disaster. Nobody is taking anything to prevent it all going line of least resistance, although it is a big mistake. Occurred to us that people book rooms in private accommodation in seven days, and then hosts for five days said that they must go home because they are what they planned to eat for seven days eaten for five - story Kresic.
The beaches neumskim most guests from central Bosnia and the Tuzla region. These are mostly tourists who spend at sea between three and five days in private accommodation. Depending on the distance from the beach, bed pay between 10 and 25 marks.
- I came in Neum with his wife and two sons who have problems with bronchitis. From the beaches are located about two kilometers. The food we brought from home, have breakfast on the beach, and children trying to cook soup for lunch in the room, so as not to eat only dry food. I heard that there are people who bothered to eat it on the beach, but it is their problem. I came here because children and their health and how we cover long. To have money for a hotel, we went to the hotel, but we do not - honest is Hajrija Tulumović from Kakanj. He says the family came in Neum narrow and barely passable road from Capljina, and over a mountain saddle Svitava, adding to the shame that is connected to the rest of Neum BiH by bad roads.
- Children do not have passports, so we went to the border crossing in Metkovic. Namučili we Svitave over, put in catastrophic condition. And when we came in Neum, we thought that we went to Croatia. Croatian flag at every step, and the central street was named after Franjo Tudjman - Hajrija says.

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