Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama in Belgrade

The main topics of talks with the President of the American hosts were fighting with the economic crisis, increasing taxes and reform the health system. It is a Obaminoj visit Belgrejd town in Montana, which is named after the Serbian capital. Barak Obama, the president of the United States, visited Belgrade yesterday, Belgrejd That is, a small town in Montana, in the tour by the American West in which ordinary citizens trying to explain what has so far achieved and what still intends to do.

Special issue is the reform of the health system in which the U.S. president suddenly seriously involved some analysts see as a risky political move.

Observers say that this tour more personal in the election campaign for President Obama keep his recognizable style, address the audience in the sports hall, Walking with microphone in hand, without a jacket and tie, in white shirt sleeves podvrnutih.

In the town hall in Belgrejd it is welcomed around 1300 people, among which were those kritičnijih, but unlike some previous performances this month critical issues are Asked in a very civilized way.

Anxiously asked him whether his plan to reform health insurance think that increasing the tax-funded.

Obama has skillfully avoided the direct answer to this question, agreed to reform the budget has no money and that money will need to find "somewhere".

As some of the sources mentioned moguđih taxation is richer families that earn more than 225,000 dollars a year, as well as some interventions in the system of insurance.

President Obama is in Belgrejdu retained only a few hours, to extend in Colorado.

On the road from the airport to avoid and a few hundred demonstrators who oppose his policies.

How Belgrejd named

Thomas B. Kvau, American entrepreneur, is worthy for the establishment of this town where lives about 7000 inhabitants. Valley, which is located next next Severnopacifičke track, which was just emerging, especially liked him. It was decided that this, in the midst of nedođije, sprang a new city.

Since the United States at the time were not economic powers such as today, they need the help page for a large project, for the construction of track several thousand kilometers long.

Believe it or not, one of the major investors was the Serbia. Kvau and his associates know that the prices are, and have the latest geographic atlas from 1881. The search for him in this distant land, whose assistance enjoyed.

So Belgrejd named after the capital of Serbia, in token of their gratitude for the assistance of Serbian investors in the financing of the construction works of famous railway.

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