Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mesic united opposition

Zagreb - The initiative of President of Croatia Mr. Stjepan Mesić on which, with reference to the constitution, seeking to remove the cross from the premises of public institutions was divided reactions from support to rejection.

Catholic Church and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and some local executives are against Mesićeva crossroads of initiatives to remove the walls of police stations, schools, barracks and other public institutions, while the opposition parties, nongovernmental organizations, as well as representatives of the Serbs supported the proposal.

Premijerka and president of the HDZ and Jadranka Kosor said that you do not want to comment Mesićevu the initiative, while not hear first hand, while the vice president of the HDZ party and candidate for President Andrija Hebrang noted that Croatia is secular state, but that "does not mean that people should not run out of religious symbols in their offices. "

Hebrang now, as well as 90-years as the Minister of Defense, the office holding a statue of Our Lady. "It is, as well as the Croatian Veterans, helped to successfully complete Fatherland War," said Hebrang adding that baptism is created Croatian army and izvojevana victory, and the symbols and no insulting to Croatia will not surrender.

Opposition Social Democratic Party, Croatian People's Party and the Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) support Mesic stressed that the kačenje crossroads in the walls of state institutions contrary to the Constitution, and that it would be better if there deal bribes and corruption.

SDP candidate for president Ivo Josipović that the Constitution is a separate religion from the state, and religious issues are a private matter, so there is no place any religious characteristics in the official premises, especially as it is pointed out in spite of regulations.

"In Croatia, people live different religious beliefs, should respect the beliefs of every person, but not in a way that when you violate the principles of secular state", there Josipović.

Damir Cain from the IDS and is considered to have its crossroads in hospital rooms, though all who are treated are not Catholics, but to where the water of public policy - in the school, police, army and offices, krstovima is no place for such messages sent to is in the army or the court desirable only one who is Roman Catholic. "

Vice President Mesić supports SDSS Milorad Pupovac, pointing out that it is in accordance with the Constitution according to which Croatia is Laička state, but in which the guarantees of religious freedom and tolerance. "The Constitution is clear: the state of the state, church church," said Pupovac.

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