Monday, August 24, 2009

Moulin: The situation in Iraq worse

Commander of the U.S. joint staff in Afghanistan, Mike Moulin said today that the situation in the country "worse", but that the new commander of ground forces has not asked for reinforcements. "I think that the situation in Afghanistan and the serious to deteriorate, and in recent years I have repeated the tactics of the Taliban and all the better planned," said Admiral Mullen.
In a guest appearance on CNN television, Mullen said that the new commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and the U.S. General Stanley MekKristal more estimated situation in the country.
"We have not reached the point where (Mac Klaren) may require increasing the number of soldiers," said Mullen.
He stressed that it is very concerned about the terrorist attacks in Baghdad, which last week killed 95 people, told the Reuters.
"I am very concerned about the incident last week (in Iraq)," said Mullen, adding the crucial question of whether they indicate future violence in the country.

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