Monday, August 24, 2009

Greece in flames!

More than 70 fires blazing across Greece, and the most dangerous are those on the edge of the capital city of Athens, who was out of control. There burned dozens of homes and thousands of hectares of forest areas, while during the night between Saturday and Sunday, tens of thousands of people fled from their homes. On the territory of Athens was declared in a state of emergency, and the Greek authorities seek EU help in fighting fire elemental.

Casualties, fortunately, no, and the Greek government estimates that this is the worst fire that hit the country after the 2007th , when life is lost for more than 70 people.

The fire broke out Friday near the village Gramatikos, northeast of Athens, to the morning hours and reached home, and spread to nearby places Varnavas and Marathon, one of the historic symbols of Greece, who are most vulnerable at this time. Firefighters trying to prevent the spread of fire in Pendeli, northern suburb of Athens, while the olive groves and forests in the hills outside the town northeast of the capital of Greece, but burned. The fire engulfed the outskirts of Agios Stefanos, Antusa, Palin, Pikermi and Dionisos, and some locals do not want to leave the property.

The whole Prefecture East Attica fire destroyed about 12,140 hectares of forests, fields and olive groves.

With fire elemental currently struggling more than a dozen airplanes, 130 fire wagons and 592 firefighters, while in the vulnerable areas and sent 340 soldiers.

Evacuated from vulnerable areas of the two children's hospitals, home for old people and tourist camps, and houses in the suburbs on the outskirts of the capital pour ashes. Air missiles at a military base on the outskirts of Athens were also removed for fear of an impending fire elemental.

Mayor of the Greek capital Sguros Janis said that the situation is tragic.

- The fire is out of control on many fronts - has Sguros.

Deputy Commander of the fire service Stelios Stefanidis said that so far not reported victims of the fire.

- Meteorologists announced for the wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Wind raises dust thick, which makes it difficult to extinguish fire elemental - Stefanidis said.

Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis sought from people to strictly adhere to instructions of the competent services.

Officials fear that they will not themselves be able to zauzdaju fiery verse that will fire during the night, when kanaderi can not fly again razbuktati. It is therefore requested the help of Italy, Greece and France. Expect two Italian kanadera, the same number from France and one from Cyprus. Bulgaria has also offered its assistance to Greece.

Some parts of Athens do not have electricity due to fire. From the national electricity company (NEI) said that the fires have not affected the network of high voltage, and that is to fix errors on niskonaponskoj network engaged 200 electrician.

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