Monday, August 24, 2009

Personal Data all wanted the goods?

Above all, to them it is not hard to get? Last year the German Association for Consumer Protection on the black market came to data on the six million people, including four million account numbers of those people. The new law should prevent the misuse of this data. The bills were ordered that individuals must give written consent to various companies that want their data to transfer, or sell any third party. However, in the end are the rules of an exempted company, such as advertising companies or institutes for conducting surveys. Petra Pau of the parties of the left because that speaks volumes of the ruling coalition has abated before the "lobby of traders data.

The law is criticized because it only tightened the legal requirements for data exchange. The illegal market is still booming. In addition to those, for example, sold illegally acquired bank account numbers, often located abroad.

By personal data is still easy to get there?

Example to provide NDR television journalists who for a few seconds via the Internet reach thousands of data on bank accounts. Bought them from a man who sat before his computer in Tunisia. The new law it can not be nothing. Peter Sar, representative government for the issue of data security is therefore hoped that the new law to allow authorities in Germany itself prevent abuse before the account numbers are collected and transferred abroad.

The new law includes partial and what is called fight against terrorism. Adopted a long time sprona methods to recordings of telephone conversations held in Germany for six months. Security bodies are hoping that in this way to obtain more information in their investigations of terrorism and crime. Fighters for civil rights to criticize the way that all Germans should be treated as potential suspects. In addition, after the spying scandal workers in a chain supermarket Lidl, they seek better protection of employees. However, the new law that will regulate the privacy of workers, will have to wait until the end of the coming elections.

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