Monday, August 24, 2009

Russian cosmonaut into space carrying potatoes

Cosmonaut from Russia, which in the next three months to travel to the International Space Station, poneće with them potatoes from Peru, in the latest experiment, the construction of the garden space with zero gravity. Garden with these South American vegetables will be used as a probe related to a future expedition to Mars, when astronauts go to interplanetarni flight, which will last approximately three years. However, it still is not a scenario from the movie "Space Odyssey 2001", in which about polluted and poisoned the Earth orbit the huge space of the dome where the planted fields and the whole forest, but perhaps the word about the first step towards new techniques of growing plants .
"We reached an agreement with the University of Kursk in Russia on the implementation of experiments on the International Space Station. Highlights experiment with potatoes, foods that can be grown at the station, so in the future cosmonaut who are flying to Mars can eat natural foods," explains Aurelio Padilja, rector of the Peruvian National Engineering University.

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