Saturday, August 1, 2009

Deceased Korason Akino

Manila - Former President of the Philippines Korason Akino deceased in the 76th year, after long and serious illness, stated her family.

Akino has suffered from colon cancer, which it was established in March last year, and was subject to chemotherapy and surgery, the hospital received in June after the loss of appetite, said Reuters. News of the death Korason Akino stated her son, Senator Beninjo Akino on national television.

Akino was the President of the Philippines since 1986. to 1992. year, after predvodjenja peaceful revolution in which the cast down dictator Ferdinand Markos.

Korason Akino is unwillingly took the fight to Markosa fell when her husband, opposition leader Benin Akino killed at the airport in Manila by the return from exile in 1983. year.

Three years after the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators accused the Markosa for fraud in the elections in 1986. and peaceful protests led Akino power.

Markos has fled the country and died in Hawaii in 1989. year.

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