Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The growth of the market for PC graphics

Finally see the recovery of the market for PC graphics and decent progress, the report said Jon Peddie Research company for the third quarter of this year. Namely, according to the company, in the last three-month period was found to increase the delivery of graphic cards for 21.2% compared to the previous quarter as the biggest jump is recorded for the previous nine years. Sold 119.45 million units kartiva in 3 quarter, and Intel is the first in the number of cards sold from 63 million cards, or 52.7% pokirivenost market. In second place is Nvidia with 24.9% market coverage in the third quarter, which fell from 29.2% coverage of the market in the second quarter, while AMD has 19.8% of the market (from the previous 18.4% in the second quarter).

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