Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Serbia Kosovo electricity supplies

After 17 hours without electricity residents of northern Kosovo and Metohija have received electricity in 11 hours. Serbian Ministry of Energy ordered the Serbian electricity and power to ensure the delivery of electricity through transmission lines from Novi Pazar to Valača.

Residents north of Kosovo and Metohija were given in 11 hours of electricity, after 17 hours without electricity.

Serbian Ministry of Energy ordered the electricity (EMS) and Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) to provide electricity supply to the north of Kosovo, through the transmission lines from Novi Pazar to Valača.

The EMS was told that in the 10 hours included 110 kilovoltnog power lines from Novi Pazar to Valača, in northern Kosovo and Metohija.

Power can provide electricity supply to priority customers.

From the Serbian Ministry of Energy announced that the north of Kosovo and Metohija now powered solely from central Serbia, through transmission lines from Novi Pazar, with the strength of over 20 megawatts, with its own production from hydroelectric power Gazivoda.

They pointed out that these measures will not prevent disconnection of electricity at the time of maximum consumption, but will prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in which they were without electricity and schools and hospitals, and that UNMIK was caused by irresponsible behavior.

In a statement Miniosrarstva Energy emphasizes that it is unsustainable and unacceptable in the modern civilized world and lead a political campaign neisporučivanjem electricity consumers.

"If one ethnic community, the Serbian, does not even five percent of consumers, it is absolutely clear that the absurd and the logical and ethical sense, to represent the problem as the cause of the crisis," said the ministry, adding that it is unknown to anywhere in the world, consumers divided along ethnic lines.

In order to overcome problems of exclusion of consumers in areas where the Serbian population lives and preventing humanitarian disasters the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Mines and Energy proposed the UNMIK administration in the previous period, a series of solutions that have not been realized due to reluctance on the other hand, the statement stressed.

Yonder Serb claim to Kosovo electricity corporation, in this way, conditions that, by signing agreements on payment of electricity, join the KEK.

The official explanation of the Kosovo power corporation, no more.

Without electricity Monday as the 18 hours were residents of Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic, and life in these areas was nearly paralyzed because it was not heating not working bakery.

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