Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Athlon II in the fourth quarter

AMD will introduce Athlon X2 260U II processor with a maximum power consumption of 25W for large OEM manufacturers, if everything is going according to plans by the company during the fourth quarter of this year. II The first Athlon X2 processors manufactured in 45nm process technology and based on core Regor will work on the clock speed of 1.8GHz and will have 2MB of L2 cache with support for DDR3-1066 memory. These models are intended to be used on motherboards with socket AM3-om. Athlon X2 260U II will replace the 1.8GHz Athlon II 6850, which is based on a 65nm dual-core technology and process that consumes 22W power. However 260U model will feature better performance.

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