Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail

U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced today in Los Angeles on 30 days' imprisonment for violations of conditional release.

Lohan admitted that she violated probation, missed several meetings in the center for social work for women where they were to perform some community service work after the verdict in May for stealing a necklace.

Year-old actress received a delay of a week for
begin serving the sentence because of professional misconduct and will appear
9th in prison of November.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sotner allowed the actress to choose between 300 days' imprisonment or a reduced sentence of 30 days with a strict program of community service.

Lohan opted for a shorter prison. She has to appear in court once a month from December to May and between each appearance to perform 12 days of work in the morgue in Los Angeles, and to hold four sessions with a psychotherapist. Failure to meet these requirements, the judge warned that in this case serve the rest of Lindsay fine, and 270 days to spend in prison.

Lindsay Lohan is still under judicial surveillance since 2007. when he was twice arrested for drunken driving.

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