Thursday, May 19, 2011

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger be unfaithful in relationship sleep?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who promised Hollywood “I’ll be back” after leaving the California governor’s office, invest his movie projects on hold yesterday as they managed the fallout from his passion child scandal.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger is emphasizing personal matters and isn't willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines,” said a statement issued by the actor’s office. “This includes ‘Cry Macho,’ the ‘Terminator’ franchise and other projects in mind. We'll resume discussions when Gov. Schwarzenegger decides.”

The statement said Schwarzenegger has Terminated all his movie projects that are “currently underway or becoming negotiated” until further notice. The announcement came just days from a bidding war in Cannes to make two more “Terminator” films starring the vintage action hero.

In “Cry Macho,” the 63-year-old box-office heavy would have been to star as being a horse breeder who wins the Kentucky Derby but becomes a drunk after his household is killed. Schwarzenegger would have been to be paid a reported $12.5 million plus A quarter of the gain.

The ex-gov’s other big post-politics project was “The Governator,” a comic book series and cartoon based on his life and family that they was developing with Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee. He was slated to portray a superhero.

It’s unclear the length of time the Hollywood heavy promises to avoid the limelight, but his self-imposed exile may last no less than until the media feeding frenzy over his marital mess is finished. And yesterday, there is no sign which it was fading. reported that Hollywood housekeeper Mildred Patty Baena, mother of Schwarzenegger’s love child, sustained an affair with the actor within the bed he distributed to his wife and bragged that she was “more of your wife” to Arnold than Maria Shriver.

“Patty confided inside a friend, when Maria could leave the home every day, she'd crawl into the marital bed and do the deed with Arnold,” the site said. “She was ever present for him.”

The housekeeper reportedly was obsessed with the Kennedy princess and desired to look exactly like Maria.

“Patty would dress in Maria’s clothing as well as wear her jewelry out and about,” a source told TMZ.

And the housekeeper would go to Maria for advice about her sex life and her pregnancy, while she was carrying her husband’s child, the site said.

Meanwhile, People magazine reported that Maria has hired high-powered California divorce attorney Laura Wasser to represent her with what is expected to become a huge-stakes split.

The first kind NBC newsgal, 55, dumped her philandering hubby the other day after he confessed to fathering Baena’s son, now 14. reports that Arnold only confessed after Maria confronted the housekeeper and he or she admitted the actor-turned-California governor was her son’s father.

“The magnitude of his betrayal and selfishness knows no bounds,” a pal of Maria’s told People. “I imagine her profound sadness that she was lied to for so long right under her nose, in her own house.”

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