Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bildt: Serbia needs to gain candidate status

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, the "News": You need a new dialogue between the EU and Pristina. Give Serbia candidate status at the next summit of EU leaders.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Karl Bildt believes that Serbia in the next summit of EU leaders should be granted candidate status for membership in the EU , in line with recent recommendations of the European Commission's enlargement package. He said he needed a new kind of dialogue, the EU and Pristina, which would address the many issues, from the rule of law to the situation in northern Kosovo, and stressed that it is essential to maintain the current focus on dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. "It remains to be talking about that. On the table were a number of different ideas. But at the moment is the key to maintain focus on the current dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. Based on Monday it will bring conclusions on the enlargement process, before EU summit to be held on Friday, December 9, "Bildt said in an interview with today's" news ".

Bilt is committed to "a kind of contractual relationship between the EU and Kosovo , in order to have an intense dialogue with Pristina on many issues, including the question of the rule of law. " He said that the current dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on the crucial and that "there are good vibrations that reach from these meetings. " "We are all concerned about the situation in Kosovo. The recent statement by the President (of Serbia Boris) Tadic is seen as a constructive contribution in an attempt to resolve a serious and grave crisis," he said. Bilt believes that the dialogue should not enter with any tough stance with any party. "But I think everyone agrees that the situation in northern Kosovo is unsustainable. You need to be improved, if nothing else, at least for people who live there. We do not want to we have some kind of another frozen conflict in the middle of Europe, "the Swedish Minister.

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