Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poland: Mandatory chemical castration child rapists

Lower House of Polish Parliament adopted today the law on compulsory chemical castration of convicted of raping children younger than 15 years, or close relatives.

Center-right government proposed the law because of a series of cases in which fathers raping their daughters. Also from 12 to 15 years increases the maximum sentence for the rape of children under the age of 15 years.
The law requires that people convicted of raping children younger than 15 years of taking medication to control sexual drive, known as chemical castration.
Drugs will be issued in the prison hospital or medical center.

In cases of rape of minors, ages 15 to 18 years, the court will decide whether the convicted person be subjected to chemical castration. The law will also apply to perpetrators who raped her close relatives, and the term is not precisely defined.

In Poland, until now the procedure applied on a voluntary basis.
The law should potvdi Upper House of Parliament and signed by President of Poland Lech Kańćinski.

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