Friday, September 25, 2009

Mahmoud Abbas: The problem is Netanyahu

TEL AVIV - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will not give up the demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state in peace negotiations that the U.S. is trying to renew. Will not agree to a Palestinian request to renew the negotiations basing on the need for withdrawal of recognition of Israel on the border of the 1967th
- I told Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) to believe that peace depends first of his willingness to stand before his people and said: "We are committed to the recognition of Israel as a nation state of the Jewish people" - said Netanyahu.
At the same time stressed that the U.S. president Barack Obama spoke "clearly on the national state of Israel as the Jewish people."
- I believe that the disagreement about the root of the conflict. I will not give up on this and other important issues on the basis of any final peace agreement. The formula adopted in the peace map does not say that we should go back to the borders of the 1967th Certainly not to agree-he said.
Mahmoud Abbas yesterday said he sees no common basis for the renewal of negotiations
- Netanjahuova government has a real problem and there is no common ground for negotiations with her. The construction of settlements continues, Netanyahu declared Jerusalem and (Palestinian) refugee issues not to negotiate, so what has to be negotiated - asked Abbas and explained that he could not agree on a compromise for the partial freezing of Israeli settlements in the occupied West bank, because, he said, that means a continuation of the construction.
At the same time, he reiterated that peace negotiations must be restoration where they left off with the previous Israeli government headed by Ehud Olmert, and to include key issues.
-Maps are outlined both sides and there was a proposal for the exchange of territory and can not return to zero point - said Abbas.

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