Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama called for unification, Gaddafi criticized the "tip of terror"

U.S. President Barack Obama called on world leaders to unify in the fight with big challenges, because the U.S. can not be alone in this struggle. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi before the UN General Assembly attacked the Security Council and called it "the Council of terror."

Obama is in his first speech before the UN General Assembly said that the global problems of nuclear weapons, wars, climate change and economic crisis.
"Those who criticized America when performed independently anywhere in the world, have no right now to stand and wait for America to solve its own problems that push the planet. The time has come to move the world in a new direction, we have to accept a new era, the era of joint action based on matters that are of common interest and mutual respect. Our job has to go immediately, "said Obama, adding that all nations bear responsibility for global problems.

Gaddafi: Africa pay compensation of 7770 billion
Parliament is then addressed Gaddafi, who is in četvoročasovnom speech attacked the UN Security Council and called it "the Council of terror."
"It should not be called the Security Council, but it should be called 'terror advice'. This body has allowed too many wars of the 1945th year and it should be completely reformed" said Gaddafi.
Libyan leader whose opponents gathered in New York at the demonstration, said that Africa should get the 7770 billion in damages from former colonizers, not specifying how he came to that amount.
"Colonized Africa deserves the 7770 billion dollars compensation," Gaddafi said at the opening general debate 64th session of the General Assembly.
"Africans will ask if they have not given billions of 7770, Africans will go where you took the billions," said the Libyan leader, stating that they are entitled to compensation.

At the opening session and the speakers were British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President, who said that Iran made a tragic mistake, if you think that the international community will react to their nuclear program.

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