Thursday, September 24, 2009

Director beaten to death because of failure

Director of Indian factories for the production of automotive parts "Prikol (Pricol) George Roy (Roy George) on Wednesday has died of injuries suffered Monday when he was beaten by a group of workers, dissatisfied due to cancellation is received 42 of their colleagues, told the Indian media .

Dissatisfied workers on Monday expressed displeasure because of failure by destroying equipment and furniture in offices, factories in the city Coambatoreu in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, reminded agencies.

Director George, with three other colleagues, he tried to stop them, but the workers okomili on him and started beating him with wooden sticks and metal bars.

Director of severely injured then transferred to hospital, where after two days died of injuries.

This is the first example of beating the management of people in India due to the dissatisfaction of workers.

A year ago, workers were also due to the cancellation, the death of a man beaten Ĩelnog a factory for the production of parts for Italian cars.

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