Friday, September 25, 2009

Passed the resolution on nuclear disarmament

UN Security Council Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution whose aim is to release the world from nuclear weapons, said Chairman of the Council meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama.

The resolution, which was also supported by Russia, China and the developing countries, calls for acceleration of efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, promoting disarmament and working to "reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism." Obama is the first American president who chairs the Security Council because the United States this month, Chairman of the Council.

"Historic resolution that we just passed out in the first plan our joint commitment to a world without nuclear weapons. This provides a broader framework of the Security Council to act to reduce nuclear risks," said the American president. Obama said that, with the global effort, "the next four years, all dangerous nuclear materials could be placed behind the locks." It is Wednesday in his first speech to the UN General Assembly during the General Debate, said that all countries have the responsibility to work on future peace and prosperity, what are the key nuclear disarmament, the work on establishing peace and security, the preservation of the planet and global economy.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon congratulated the world leaders that took part in a summit on nuclear weapons in the Security Council. "This is a historic moment that offers us a fresh start for a new future," said Ban.

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