Thursday, September 24, 2009

UN Disarmament

Obama today chaired a summit in the Security Council
U.S. President Barack Obama will now chair the summit in New York, United Nations Security Council dedicated to nuclear disarmament.

The meeting will, according to previous announcements, attend almost all the heads of state and government of 15 members of the Security Council, including the leaders of Russia and China, Dmitry Medvedev and Hu Đintaoa. Summit of the executive body of world organizations are extremely rare, and this is the fifth time that the Security Council meets at the level of Heads of State or Government of the foundation 1946th and first to chair a meeting of the American president. Washington's decision to organize a summit devoted to nuclear disarmament is another indicator of the strong shift in the politics of the U.S. administration towards multilateralism and in particular the disarmament, diplomats believe. According to previous announcements of the main topics will be nuclear arms control and disarmament, strengthening the international framework to combat proliferation of weapons TG and the fight against illegal trade matierijalima used in atomic weapons, told the Reuters. Washington hopes to strengthen the support set of global agreements to control nuclear weapons and efforts for disarmament, including the Agreement on neproliferaciji (NPT) in 1970. It is expected that participants in the meeting unanimously adopted the U.S. proposal of a resolution is required to strengthen efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, promote disarmament and reduce opsanost of nuclear terrorism, told the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The resolution calls on all countries that have nuclear weapons to be free, whether they are signatories of the Agreement on neproliferaciji (NPT) or not. All five permanent Security Council members - the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China - have nuclear weapons. Other countries to which the resolution relates in Pakistan and India, which have signed the NPT, but which are known to poseđuju nuclear weapons. Israel so far has not confirmed, nor denied that it has a nuclear arsenal. The draft also seeks suppression of illegal trade in sensitive nuclear materials and expresses support for efforts to control the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) in Vienna. The first summit of the UN Security Council members held on 31 January 1992. and he chaired the then British Prime Minister John Major, and the participants were President George Bush senior and president of the newly formed Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin. Today's summit is held in the shadow of all glasnijih request for UN reform and Security Council, which in the opinion of many members to reflect changes in the world since the founding of the world organization.

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