Friday, September 25, 2009

About 700 people live in tunnels under the casinos in Las Vegas

American couple Stephen and Catherine Domermut have one of the "best" base, live below the casinos "Cezars Palace. They have even the water heater and shower, which made the device for water.

- Use your imagination and collect things that people throw away. What is trash to someone, we treasure - Stephen said, adding that things gather late at night that they would not be embarrassed.

He moved into the tunnel two years ago after he lost his job at the hotel reception because of heroin addiction. Stephen claims to be off the drug in January.

- Once I found 997 dollars in one device at a casino a few times $ 500. However, 20 dollars is enough for the night - said Stephen.

He would like to leave the tunnel, but can not because it is issued arrest warrants for possession of drugs.

Another couple, Amy (33) and Jay Ar, living in the tunnel two years. They came to Las Vegas in search of work and welfare.

- I hope that we sometimes get out of here. But I would like to stay in Vegas. Super is here - said Amy.

While in Nevada storms do not fall often, tunnels quickly filled and a small amount of rainfall. In the last 20 years, according to official data, the tunnels are drowned 20 people.

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