Friday, September 25, 2009

Italy: The FBI returned stolen works

Rome - Italian police and American FBI failed to return more than a thousand stolen Italian art, valued at over four million dollars.

It is a 1140 case, the medieval scrolls to the letter signed by former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who is part of a collection of 3,500 objects found in the home of American collector of Italian origin system that John died 2007th year.

Artworks, which is a system of collecting for years, come from the city archives, libraries and churches from the southern Italian province of Puglia, Molise and Sicily, from which were stolen and then illegally transferred to the United States.

Collection are, after Sisto death, found his two sons in the family home in Bervinu in Illinois.

Among the cases was found, 348 manuscripts on parchment from the 12th century, more than 400 archaeological objects, and documents with signatures of famous Italians, such as the hero of Italian unification of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

"We return in part of Puglia that took an immigrant eager to have too many souvenirs from the homeland," said a representative of the Italian police.

It was unclear how the system came into possession of these works. Police said that his sons did not know of the existence of these collections and that the authorities know about it because they did not know what to do with so many antiquities.

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