Friday, September 25, 2009

New Year's view of the sky

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah - the new 5770th year, which started 18th September, Jews in Israel are the most complained about due to the increase of violence in the past and wished heavy rain in the coming months.

According to Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is the time for a reminder of the past, with the desire that the year ahead, which is good. The question - In peace in the region and the release of Israeli soldier Gilad otetog You're kidding, who most want a blessing for the citizens of Israel, 68 percent of respondents answered the rain. 16 percent wished the reduction of unemployment, nine percent of the new drug against influenza, three percent of the solution to the problem of foreign workers in Israel and one percent of the school year without strikes. The poll also showed that most Israeli Jews elected President of Israel Shimon Peres for the leaders of the Jewish people and that most hosted their holiday table for a family that needs help. Surveyed 500 people, including special care for the lack of water in Israel showed religious. Answering the question - If you depend on, when you select to lead the Jewish people, 33 percent chose Perez, 11 percent of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanijahua, and 10 percent of the Chief of the General Gabija Aškenazija. On the list were also chief rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar, Nobel laureate, economist prof. Jisrael Auman and Supreme Court President Dorit Beiniš, which is declared with 28 percent of the respondents. The poll, conducted just hours before the holidays, he poses the question of Israel who would host the New Year's night, what is 52 percent indicated - where families need help, 22 percent of the survivor of the Holocaust, and five percent of the important rabbis and television star, while only one percent opted for a government minister.

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