Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pregnant during pregnancy

Pregnant Julia Grovenberg surprised the doctors who were on routine medical examination discovered the miracle - she was pregnant and during pregnancy carries two babies one of which is several weeks old.

Todd and Julia Grovenberg came to the appointment and expect to see the baby on the ultrasound eight weeks old. However, they are shocked when told that Julia became pregnant with another baby two and a half weeks after, but remained pregnant.
"When the doctor said that baby number two has a very healthy little heart beats completely I become mute. The ultrasound is clearly seen that one baby is more developed than others. We are both shocked, and then we tried to understand what happened and when, said Julia, adding that the couple feels blessed because there is something so rare and they are both completely healthy baby.

Experts say such cases are very rare and occur only one year in the whole world.
"This is very unusual because when you become pregnant, balance your hormones change drastically. These changes lead to a cessation of ovulation and prevent a new pregnancy. However, sometimes it happens and this," said gynecologist Patrick O'Brien for the "Sky".
He added that usually indicates that twins do not develop evenly, but the methods and Julie Grovenberg it is not.

American couple is already named their babies - girls will be called Gillian, a boy Hudson, and that matters more Ĩudnija terms are in different years - the older the child should be born end of 2009. years and younger at the beginning of 2010th year. However, Julian wants the children rode together, were Caesarean, whether natural way in December.

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