Friday, September 25, 2009

Macedonians deleted star

SKOPJE - The proposal of removing five-pointed with the state coat of arms of Macedonia is already pending in Parliament and it is expected that MPs will soon make a decision on changing the symbols.
The Government explains this move in order to send a signal to the world that Macedonia nekedaĆĄnjom clearing the ideological matrix, and that Macedonia is the only country from the former Eastern bloc, which still uses the old socialist coat of arms, writes Free Europe.
It is expected that the proposal will certainly take a vote in the Assembly because the ruling coalition has a two-thirds majority, unless a partner in the Macedonian VMRO DPMNE government and the Albanian partner, the Democratic Union for Integration, gave approval for the proposal.
In addition to the association reaction from National Liberation War Veterans (NOR), who stated that under the five-pointed fought for the freedom of the country, opposition parties have objections that now is no time for such proposals, because there are other, much larger problems.

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