Friday, September 25, 2009

The vaccine is sufficient for half the population

Geneva, London - Manufacturers of drugs in the world can be a year to produce new vaccines against H1N1 influenza vaccination only enough for half the inhabitants of our planet.

As said the World Health Organization, producers do not have enough production capacity. The vaccine against the H1N1 virus seems to be safe as a vaccine against ordinary flu, the WHO pointed out, adding that pharmaceutical companies in the world can produce the estimated three billion doses annually.
In fact, one dose should be sufficient for immunization of healthy adults and larger children.

Companies, however, have "limited and inadequate" facilities that could increase production and to cover the needs of all 6.8 billion inhabitants of our planet.

"For a new factory for production of vaccines takes about five years to be built, tested and received approval for the work," said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl.

European Agency approved two vaccines

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) today proposed to issue licenses for two new vaccines against the flu.

In a statement released today, the Agency recommended that the license for sale in Europe for the issue of vaccine produced by Novartis company and Glaksosmitklajn.

EMA recommendations issued permits for medicines in Europe generally accepted by the European Commission and individual countries.

Agency now recommends that adults take two doses of vaccine, although tests showed that one dose is enough effective. This is true for both vaccines approved.

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