Saturday, September 26, 2009

Portuguese come out on general election

The campaign for tomorrow's parliamentary elections in Portugal's two largest rivals, the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Jose Socrates and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), was represented by diametrically opposite positions, according to recent polls, ruling socialists in benefits for eight percent compared to main competitor.

Socialist Party will, according to opinion polls that were released yesterday, Portuguese media, however, escape the absolute majority they have in the current session of Parliament.

Prime Minister José Sócrates (52) promised a modern Portugal with liberal social values in which, if you win, would be to legalize gay marriages. It was during his term, but facilitate procedures for the approval of abortion.

Sócrates is a big proponent of public works and plans to build a new airport in Lisbon, as well as fast track that connected the main cities of Portugal and Spain.

His main konkurentkinja Manuela Ferreira Leite (68), leader of the strongest opposition party, center-right SPD against the legalization of same sex marriage, against the public works and especially against the fast track leading to the neighbor.

"Defend the interests of Portugal, which is the Spanish provinces," said Ferreira Leite during the televised debate with Socrates.

Promised to cancel Sokratešov "deal" with Madrid if you become Prime Minister, not only because it believes that the agreed work used more Spanish than Portugal, but also because it believes that the government spends nezajažljivo and enters into debt.

Ferreira Leite, a former minister of economy, challenging the prime expertise, machine engineers when it comes to finances. She stresses that the budget deficit grown to six percent of gross domestic product, which is twice more than what allows the European Union.

Sócrates, however, applies to veštijeg speakers and leaders who harizmatičnijeg public works wants to encourage economic growth.

"I know where the water policy proud loneliness ... Leads to backwardness, poverty and regression, "said Sócrates during the campaign.

Unlike the prime minister that the election rallies appeared in jeans, Ferreira Leite likes to keep saying the mass, and claims that "the purpose of the birth families of children."

Portuguese parliament has 230 seats. Polls show that the socialists win the 100 and the SDP 80 seats. List "Portugal njuz" appears that neither side will not be easy to form a ruling coalition.

SDP could in coalition with demohrišćanima, which is believed to be able to win between five and eight percent of the votes

Left block Trotskyites, and Maoist could win the support of nine to 11 percent of voters, but he has already rejected the entry into government with the Socialists. The association claims that the Socialists gave up on the left-wing ideas, including adopting a law that makes it easier to dismiss workers.

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