Saturday, September 26, 2009

The suicide attack in Pakistan killing five, injuring 41 people

At least five people were killed while 41 wounded in suicide attack on a police station that was made today at the place of Banu in northwest Pakistan, police said.

Suicide bomber was lifted into the air truck full of explosives in front of the police station on the outskirts of town. The fear is that the number of victims could be higher, because the explosion destroyed not only buildings that held the police station, but several surrounding houses.
The explosion of the 24 policemen and wounded 17 civilians, including women and children, said Mohammad Farid, deputy chief of police, told the Reuters.
Banu is located near the tribal areas North Vaziristan which borders Afghanistan where the Taliban and al Qaeda members have found refuge.
The rocket attack American unmanned aircraft in the North Vaziristanu in Thursday night killed 12 Afghan extremists near the house of a Taliban commander.

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