Thursday, September 24, 2009

Colleagues discovered that the brothers

Two brothers from the U.S. State of Maine, who were separated as babies and given up for adoption, were introduced after the 35 years since they hired the same firm, carries a British "Metro".

Gary Nizbet (36) and Randy Joubert (35), colleagues from the company to transport the furniture, they discovered that the brothers, after their colleagues and customers noted the incredible similarity between them.
They were given up for adoption, then they attended rival high schools and lived in neighboring towns on the coast Maine.
Their paths have finally crossed when Joubert started to work in companies where Nizbet for seven years was employed.
Both have light hair, similar to the material, wear goggles and the like are odevaju.
"Customers have often asked us if we are brothers," said Joubert, adding that soon began to seriously think about the possibilities.
He reviewed his original birth certificate and discovered the names of their biological parents.
Joubert has also learned that there are born brothers, and together with him taken away from parents because they could not take care of them. It was then his colleague Nizbet began to ask questions about his origin.
"I said, 'Gary, it asks you something strange: Are you adopted?" Recalls Joubert.
Nizbet it looked suspicious, but he answered affirmatively. When he asked Joubert if you know the names of their parents, and Nizbet again responded affirmatively, Joubert said their names, what was astonished Nizbet asked: "How do you know that?"
When they finally found that all the data agree, understand that they are brothers.
After the local media covered the story of an incredible encounter, they also discovered that a half-sister, D┼żoen Campbell (41), who came with them in company with his birth certificate, which proves that the three of them in consanguinity.

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