Friday, September 25, 2009

Began informal talks Zelaje and the Provisional Government

Tegucigalpa - The Provisional Government and the deposed President of Honduras Manuel Zelaja started informal talks to end political crisis, reported today British Radio Bi-Bi-Si (BBC).
Zelaja said he met the unnamed official work, he said, beginning to find a peaceful solution.
According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras Martha Lorraine Alvarado, objective discussion is not returning Zelaje to power.
Zelaja, who was ousted in a coup in late June and which has since been in exile, returned on Monday in Tegucigalpa, where he took refuge in the Embassy of Brazil.
His sudden return of increased tensions in the country, where the days of curfew in force.
According to authorities, the police and conflicts Zelajinih supporters killed a man while injuring five, while svgnuti President says that over the past few days killed 10 people.
The political crisis broke out in Honduras since Zelaja tried to organize a referendum in which the population voted for his initiative to amend the constitution.
His opponents claimed that the move is unconstitutional and designed with the objective to allow the president another term.
UN Security Council today should discuss the crisis in Honduras.

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