Friday, September 25, 2009

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan

KABUL - Five U.S. soldiers lost their lives in three separate attacks in southern Afghanistan, said in a statement today the U.S. military.

The army announced yesterday that two men were killed and the third soldier died of wounds sustained from a bomb explosion set by the road.

The fourth and the fifth American soldier died yesterday from wounds suffered in rebel attacks, the agency reported Reuters.

The period from July this year the deadliest for foreign troops, during the eight-year war in Afghanistan, and since the American and British troops triggered the largest military operation in the war.

In Afghanistan now has 100,000 foreign troops, of whom two-thirds of Americans, and is expected to Joint Chief of the international forces in that country, General Stanley Mekristal require a new contingent of several thousand soldiers during this week in Washington, Reuters announced.

According to the British agency, Mekristal said that without additional troops, its military mission in Afghanistan likely to fail.

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