Thursday, September 24, 2009

America can not alone

General Assembly debates the annual UN began an attempt to renew the spirit of multilateralism
"Those who are critical of America, which does everything alone now I can not stand aside and wait for America to solve its own problems of the world," said U.S. President Barack Obama in his first speech to the UN, which was announced as "historic."

The General Assembly of the annual UN debate began yesterday in New York attempt to renew the spirit of multilateralism.

"If ever there was time to go in a renewed spirit of multilateralism - to create truly United Nations, which jointly operate - it is now," said Secretary General of World Organization Ban Ki-moon, who opened the debate with an emphasis on the fight against climate change and rejection of nuclear weapons.

"The words and works of looking for a new era of mutual engagement with the world. Now is the time that everyone taking responsibility, "said Obama, noting the four pillars supporting non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, peace, preserve the planet and the development of the economy that will bring benefit to all.

Obama's speech was rated as the drawing of the new direction of American foreign policy and decisive break with the past.

Nabrajajući problems with which all the faces, the extremists who spread terror through genocide and nuclear weapons to the glacier which is melting and pandemics, Obama said that he does not want to spread fear, but to emphasize that the major challenges that must respond to strong action .

Immediately after Obama spoke of Libya's President Muammar Gaddafi, where this is the first address to this place after 40 years in power. Libya chairs the General Assembly of 192 countries and occupies one of the rotating seats in petnaestočlanom Security Council.

Gaddafi yesterday sharply criticized the UN Security Council and called for its reform. He urged the abolition of the veto rights of the five permanent Security Council members (U.S., UK, China, France and Russia) or the extension of the body with additional members to become representative.

In his words, a permanent Security Council members threaten smaller countries like the states "second class, worthy contempt." He said that the use of military force in conflict with the spirit of the UN, but if it does not approve the worldwide organization.

However, Gaddafi said, the World Organization of the founding 1945th year failed to prevent the 65 wars around the world, or to intervene in them.

General debate will last until 30 September, when the leaders of 192 countries have the opportunity to speak. On the agenda is a series of issues: security, economy, combating crime, climate change, promotion of human rights ...

Serbian President Boris Tadić will speak tomorrow, and last night attended a reception that Michelle and Barack Obama prepared in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Obama will today chair a meeting of UN Security Council which is the fifth time in history held at the level of Heads of State or Government, and the first time he chaired an American president.

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