Friday, December 31, 2010

Elton John bought his son sit-ins of $ 3,000

The famous musician is a small hill Zachary bought luxury items, from toys and clothes to sit-ins specifically designed for babies worth $ 3,000.

Modern sit the latest technology "scream" - a five-speed rocking, one of which mimics the driving the car, the monitor on which the alternate drawings inspired by famous paintings, and can be plugged into an iPod.

- A group of people came and nearly empty store. Elton must have spent thousands of dollars - said the magazine "Sun" one of its customers.

It is not clear whether the biological father of a 63-year-old Zachary Elton John and his partner of 15 years under David Furniss.

British press reports that the baby couple paid more than 155,000 dollars, California Center for Surrogate Parenting, among whose clients are actors Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammar. In the statement of birth in column "father" registered the name Elton John, while in the "mother" is Furnishevo name.

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