Monday, June 29, 2009

Russian military exercises began in the northern Caucasus

Thousands of Russian soldiers, with the support of hundreds of tanks, artillery and other weapons, began today in the northern Caucasus biggest military exercise since the last war with Georgia.

Officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the exercise to participate in the 8500 soldiers and 200 tanks, oklopnih vehicles, 100 artillery units and several units of the Black Sea naval fleet.

From the Ministry states that in practice, that will personally oversee the head of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov, to be an artificial crisis that is ravishing the control and become an open battle.

Many experts see the exercise as a warning neighboring Georgia, where the government stated that the re-naoružava army and the NATO has recently had its military exercises.

Deputy Minister of Defense, General Alexander Kolmakov, transferred to Russian media, said that the Caucasian military exercises carried out in response to the exercise of Western military alliances in Georgia, and will be "much greater than those who were organizing in the Soviet Union."

Russian military exercises in the Caucasus will last until 6 July, when a visit to Moscow comes an American President Barak Obama.

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