Sunday, June 28, 2009

Henkel invested about 60 million in Serbia

German company Henkel has invested about 60 million euros in Serbia since 2002. until now, said today President Henkela Serbia Nenad Vuković.

In an interview on The agency said that according to the contract of privatization of the factory from detergents Merima Krusevac invested 43.6 million euros, with additional investments in the modernization of production and another eight million euros in building the factory in Indjija.

"In this year of a million euros will be invested in the top set of filters for environmental protection and waste water in Krusevac, which should be completed in mid-July," said Vukovic. According to him, investicje in the modernization of operations to allow production in Serbia, a competitor in the Henkel group, so that the company that cost-effective products from Serbia, which supplies more of your company in the region.

"These are all things that have influenced the position of the company in Serbia significantly improve and to become a regional center in the production, and management of various segments of business in several countries in the Henkela," said Vukovic.

Henkel in Serbia exports about 30 percent of production deterdžetana said Nenad Vuković and added to the constantly expanding number of foreign markets that sell goods.

"Henkel is now exported from Serbia to all the countries of former Yugoslavia, in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, which is significantly exceed the plan in 2002. On the export market to the CEFTA region," said he.

Vukovic said that the company Henkel in Indjija has two "cerezit (Ceresit) factory građeviskih Adhesives and fasadnih liquid plaster. The position of the factory, said the president of Serbia in Henkela, allows the export of the geographical position and proximity of Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

German company Henkel, through exchanges of Central and Eastern Europe in Austria, bought in 2002. tender on the detergents factory in Krusevac, 2007. The factory building was constructed in Indjija Adhesives.

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