Monday, June 29, 2009

Niger militant attack platform Shelah

The largest rebel group in Nigeria, the Movement for the emancipation Niger delta (MENDE), stated that the Niger river delta in its members attacked oil platform British-Dutch company Rojal DAC Sel.

The attack occurred despite the fact that the president of Nigeria Umar jar Adua offered amnesty to members of a MENDE, said the British agency Reuters, adding that it is a platform Forkados.

In MENDE to say that the platform after a fire in the explosion. For now nigerijski officials do not have confirmation of the attack.

Nigerijski President Umar jar Adua offered amnesty in the Thursday armed people in the Niger river delta, if you do 4 October submission weapons and stop the conflict in this country.

Some rebel leaders have stated they want to talk with jar Aduom details about the proposal, but rejected the categorical MENDE the offer, saying that it will negotiate when the time comes.

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