Monday, June 29, 2009

UN investigators examined the killing of Benazir Buto

The United Nations have decided to be involved in elaborating the assassination of former pakistanku premijerku Benazir Buto, because the investigation is already a year and a half days tapka in place.

In Islamabad the circulation of two contradictory versions. According to the findings of the former government Mušarafa border, is behind the crimes of Al Qaeda, and the closest associates of Benazir Buto suspect in the behavior of security services.
At the request of the new government in Islamabad, Secretary General of the world organization has decided to establish a special commission that will examine all the circumstances and evidence. This will be a special tribunal, which was recently established for the assassination of Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafika al Haririja, but an independent investigation that will attempt to objectively analyze this case in order to assist the authorities in Pakistan.
The Commission will, after six months, report to the Security Council, after which they will decide on eventulnim new moves. In tročlanoj Commission are experienced diplomats behind have experienced career lawyers and police officers. On its head is the Ambassador of Chile Eraldo Munjos, and members of the former public prosecutor Marzuki Darusman of Indonesia and a former senior Irish police officer Peter Ficdžerald.

Benazir Buto was killed 27th December 2007. on the one pre-election rally in Ravalpindiju. According to the official investigation, it was destroyed by explosion which is activated bomber Rights at the time when the entertainment in the armored car. According to the findings of doctors, however, she died of head blow in the roof of the car. According to these allegations, which is supported by the American CIA, is behind the assassination of Al Qaeda, or its branch, which is hiding in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
"Decidedly denies umešanost in this assassination. We, the customs that respect, never pucamo in women", stated that terrorist groups.
This version of the assassination was seriously brought into question and the nearest premijerke former associates, including her husband Ali ASIF Zardarija that in the meantime become the president of the country. They accuse the security service that is not done nothing to protect Benazir Buto.

"She had a wound on the back of prostrelnu. Bullet entered her left side of the head," said Seri Reman close associate of former premijerke that was on the spot.
The categorical claims that Benazir was killed before the explosion of bombs. This version was confirmed by a local TV station, "Don njuz. It is a show in which amateur clip can be seen that the Buto pucano before blasting explosion which killed 20 people gathered. In the clip can be seen as a young shoot in Benazir Buto.
In the investigation, for a moment, were included, and Scotland Yard and the CIA, and in addition is not much odmaklo from the beginning. In circulation are two versions that exclude one another, and, in such a situation, Islamabad with the help of the United Nations, in order to escape from the criminal LABIRINTA.

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