Sunday, June 28, 2009

South Korea is preparing new missiles

South Korea will receive forty-missile destroyer's production for "aegis" in order to strengthen his defense. North Korea is preparing to test a new rocket.

To strengthen its defense of South Korea during the month will receive forty-missile destroyer's production for "aegis". North Korea will soon be able to test out a new rocket.

It is a water-to-air missiles, which can detect and guess objectives, including missiles, and 160 kilometers away.

Alerts ships of North Korea not to approach the territorial waters around the city Vonsan, in the east country, the Japanese coastguard interpret as the possible announcement of missile tests.

Last week South Korean presidential spokesman Blue House said that Pyongyang is preparing to test a large range missiles that could reach American territory, as well as middle range missiles that can guess the goals in the entire territory of South Korea.

North Korea in April performed the test missiles, which reportedly launches satellite, but believes that it is a trial the very long range Taepodong missiles 2nd In May, the Pyongyang nuclear test performed.

It is, by general estimation, endanger world peace and violated United Nations resolutions on the prohibition of testing of ballistic missiles. The Security Council is pooštrio existing sanctions on Pyongyang.

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