Sunday, June 28, 2009

Berluskoni less like a woman

The popularity of Italian leaders Silvija Berluskonija fell to about 49 percent of the scandal about his private life, according to the survey released today by the list Koriere part of Sera.

Approximately 51 percent of Italians had a positive attitude towards the prime minister in the period from January to May, the number has now fallen to 49 per cent, says the visokotiražni list.

Survey shows that Berluskonijeva declining popularity among women, and in January 52 percent of them had a positive attitude towards him, and now this position has a 47 per cent of women.

In the last few weeks Berluskoni is always in the center of media attention, and his wife sought a divorce "because underage visits," There were pictures on denudative party in his villa in Sardinia and opened the investigation because of its guests use state aircraft.

List states that despite the scandal and the findings that are somewhat okrnjili Berluskonijev reputation, although probably more abroad than in Italy, he still has the support of 54 percent of Catholic faithful who regularly attend church, although this support dropped to 61 percent What was the previous months.

Even has, as said list, and a very small number of people, about 3 percent of the respondents who are only on the basis of the last event, said that feel admiration towards Berluskoniju.

Survey is conducted of organizations in order to / Gruppo Phonemedia 23rd and 24 June on a representative sample of 801 inhabitants.

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