Monday, June 29, 2009

Pirates get ransom for Belgian ship

Somali pirates free the entire crew Belgian ship otetog two months ago, the government stated in Brussels on Sunday.

The government statement was transmitted to the AP, said that all the ten sailors truck Pompeii - two Belgijanci, Dutch, three and four Filipnca Croats - in good health.

Minister of Defense Peter de cream later at a news conference stated that the owners of Pompeii pay ransom to pirates ship and crew were acquitted.

De cream declined to say how much was paid, but said that the pirates requested eight million dollars.

Money is thrown from aircraft into the sea near the Belgian ship on Saturday, and ten pirates Pompeii was left in the week.

The ship is on its way to South Africa was kidnapped 18th April several hundred kilometers north of the Seychelles.

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