Monday, June 29, 2009

The first case of H1N1 in Macedonia

Macedonian Health Minister Bujar Osmani said that a four-boy, who has recently arrived with his family from Australia, the positive type A virus, and that will definitely know if it is a new flu when the results of analysis in London. Nevertheless, says Osmani, this is the case in Macedonia, but treated as a new grip.

Four boy from Australia is a virus group A, and if you are catching a new flu H1N1, show that the blood analysis in the laboratory in London.

Boy is from Australia arrived eight days ago, a day before yesterday from Prilep transferred to the Infectious hospital in Skopje with new symptoms of influenza, where together with his mother stopped the treatment.

Dečakovo health is now much improved, stability, and symptoms for which the hospital received in the draw, "says Dr. Zvonko Milenkovic, director of the clinic.

Health authorities treated the case as it is on the case of new viruses, which are noticed under the supervision of health care and other family members.

With symptoms of flu, to the same hospital received the day before yesterday and one adult male from New Džerzija, who arrived to visit family in Vevčanima in Struga, but the first tests were negative to the new virus.

At the border, and still dežuraju medical teams and health authorities make an appeal to the citizens who come from abroad to immediately contact a doctor if you notice the symptoms of flu.

Health Minister Bujar Osmani said that the current 50,000 box drug Tamiflu enough and will not be nabavljati new quantity.

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